Construire en Chanvre

Bétons de Chanvre “synthèse des propriétés physiques”

Par ce document, Construire en Chanvre a donc voulu proposer une synthèse de connaissances actuelles sur les propriétés physiques des bétons de chanvre. Malgré de nombreux efforts pour confronter les notions théoriques qu’il contient à la pratique de chantier, il faut immédiatement faire remarquer que la seule connaissance théorique d’un matériau, de ses propriétés ou de sa mise en oeuvre, ne peuvent suffire et qu’il est donc toujours préférable de se fier à la compétence de professionnels.
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Construire en chanvre: Le livre en anglais “Building with Hemp”

2nd Edition by Steve Allin


With the move towards construction techniques that satisfy the energy conservation requirements of both their manufacture and use, many different systems are being promoted to produce what might be described as an eco home. This is the first book to focus on hemp as a construction material. It describes hemp’s history and production, and the ways in which it can be used in the construction or renovation of buildings. With 295 colour photographs and 56 illustrations and diagrams, the book is as equally of interest to the home owner, architect or interior designer, as it is to the self-builder or ecological activist.

Written in a straightforward manner but referring to expert reports and data, the facts and figures for the performance of the hempcrete material (a mixture of hemp-wood and lime) are given together with knowledge gained by the author during his nine years of using the stuff himself. Methods developed by builders and architects in France are described and illustrated, as are examples from Ireland, Great Britain and Switzerland. The basic alternative ways of designing a hemp house by combining timber frames and hempcrete are explained and illustrated with diagrams by the author, as are other systems using blocks or hemp clay mixes.

About the Author

Steve Allin, environmental design consultant, has pioneered the use in Ireland of building with hemp, a breathable natural material that is stirring up considerable interest in the eco-building and conservation worlds. With over 120 different projects in the last nine years having used the material in Ireland and many hundreds in 16 years in France, this revolutionary but simple system has now come of age.

Author: Steve Allin
Publisher: SEED PRESS
Edition: 2nd Revised edition
ISBN: 9780955110917
Pages: 192
Publication Date: 10 April 2012
Format: Paperback
Product Dimensions: 9.8 x 9.2 x 0.8 inches
Shipping Weight: 1.045