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The Big Book of Buds, Vol.1

The Big Book of Buds, Vol.1
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Marijuana Varieties from the World´s Great Seed Breeders

This full-color guide showcases the diversity of cannabis varieties. Stunning close-ups from the world´s great breeders are accompanied by concise information about growing characteristics and bud quality. Engaging essays offer insights into marijuana´s special botany and the culture that surrounds this controversial plant.

Editor: Ed Rosenthal
ISBN: 0-932551-39-4
216 Full Color Pages

The Big Book of Buds charts the world of marijuana in an unprecedented way. Gathering information directly from breeders around the world, The Big Book of Buds explores 100 of the top marijuana varieties commercially available, giving the reader a full sense of this plant's amazing diversity. Essays and stories throughout the book report on the global marijuana scene, breeding and botany, and the art of enjoying great cannabis. Whether gardener or gourmet, this celebration of the marijuana plant will increase any enthusiast's appreciation
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Artikel-Nr.: ISBN: 0-932551-39-4


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