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The Cannabible 3 by Jason King

The Cannabible 3 by Jason King
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Cannabible 3 - Shot with the finest camera equipment made, Cannabible 3 is, dare we say it, the best of the series. Aside from covering well over 200 more yummy new strains, with accurate descriptions of their flavors, growth characteristics, highs, orgins, and more, Cannabible 3 also includes an incredible introduction by DJ Short (author of "Cultivating Exceptional Cannabis: An Expert Breeder Shares His Secrets" AND Jason Kings favorite cannabis breeder, having created such legendary strains as Blueberry, Flo, Old Time Moonshine, F-13, etc.) entitled "Cannabis and Community". Volume 3 contains thought provoking pieces on: The Government Cannabis Farm in Mississippi, Cannabis on the Web, "Beasters", "Compassionate" IND program, Praises to the Dealer, Diesel Breakdown, Cannabis Flower Essences, Light Deprivation, Tissue Culture, Does Pot Cause Cancer?, Top Ten Necessities for Cannabis Connoisseurship, Feminized Seeds, JK´s Top Ten, Classy Glass III, Shower Curtain Hash, Why Most Pot Sucks, Elite Clone List, Are You Sirius?, Seed Knockoff Companies, Cannabis Buyers Clubs, FIM technique, GMO Cannabis, etc. If you were not a connoisseur before you read volume 3, you will be after!

10" X 10 " - 222 Pages! - available in softcover
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