The Cannabible 1 by Jason King

The Cannabible 1 by Jason King
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Cannabible 1 - The original classic that started it all.

Cannabible 1 not only covers well over 200 dank strains from around the world, but also has a brilliant introduction by Robert Connell Clarke (author of Marijuana Botany and HASHISH) entitled "Sinsemilla Heritage: What´s in a name?" In this brilliant piece, Clarke traces the entire history of the cannabis breeding movement, as well as the strains themselves. Also included are essays on such subjects as: Solar Puffing, Marijuana Smoking & Dreams, Effects of Sativas vs. Indicas, Too Much of a Good Thing, Organic vs. Hydro vs. Bio, Smoking Apparatus Choices, How to Properly Store Marijuana, Classy Glass, Vaporization, Cannabis Etiquette, The Amsterdam Experience, etc. Breathtaking photography and microscope photography throughout. A must have for any cannabis or nature lover! 10" X 10" - 188 pages - available in softcover
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