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Marijuana Questions? Ask Ed

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I cannot understand the other reviewer´s comment that this book isn´t factual. In fact, that is the most absurd thing anyone could say about this classic encyclopedia that addresses many questions that other books tend to leave out. Case in point:

Q:I have been growing for 3 years now, and every time my plants start to bud, the leaves turn a reddish purple. What causes this and does it affect the potency of the plant?
Ed:There are 3 possible reasons for this:
1. The plant is genetically keyed to produce a red or purplish color and it does it as part of the plant´s development.
2. The plant has suffered a cold spell and suffered from a temporary shortage of Phosphorous (P) with cells as well as in the soli and nutrient mix (which doesn´t affect potency or growth). Some plants turn red or purple depending on temperature, red in warm conditions, purple in cold. (my note this is true, it also causes leaves to turn color in the fall due to a drop in evening temp.)
3. The plant is suffering from a P deficiency,this could occur either because it is unavailable, or there is a shortage in the medium. Lack of P does not affect potency. that factual enough an answer? Those of us who grow tomatoes and other types of plants KNOW Ed´s answers are right on the money. Any *sshole can put a seed in a pot, and maybe get a plant. For those who need some finesse, or who live in climates that discourage growth will find this book a relief in answering the questions no one else cares about addressing.
Chap 1: Cultivation Practices
Chap 2: Indoor Cultivation
Chap 3: Outdoor Cultivation
Chap 4: Lighting
Chap 5: Systems
Chap 6 Cuttings,clones,and seeds
Chap 7 Flowering, harvesting,pollination and seeding
Chap 8 The varieties
Chap 9 Genetics vs Environment
Chap 10 Insects and Pests
Chap 11 Drying and smoking
Chap 12 Smoking and Eating
Chap 13 Legal Implications

Duh! Is that comprehensive enough for you?
Great classic! The best reference book around!

# Paperback: 306 pages # Publisher: Quick American Archives (June 2, 1993) # Language: English # ISBN-10: 0932551017 # ISBN-13: 978-0932551016 # Product Dimensions: 8.4 x 5.5 x 0.6 inches # Shipping Weight: 12.6 ounces
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