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Marijuana Grower´s Insider´s Guide by Mel Frank

Marijuana Grower´s Insider´s Guide by Mel Frank
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IN THE PREFACE TO HIS Marijuana Grower´s Insider´s Guide, Mel Frank addresses the amateur farmer and hazards a guess as to the reader´s first feeble attempts at cultivating cannabis sativa. "Very likely you buried some seeds in a flower pot. . . [and] watered them faithfully every day," he writes, "and harvested four disappointing joints. It need not have been this way."

Frank then launches into a treatise on, among other things, how to grow plants that are anything but the pitiful saplings produced by the novice marijuana grower. It is possible, he writes, for even the most inexperienced gardener to produce a potent crop provided he culls the necessary "foresight and insight" from the Guide. His black-and-white photographs of ten-foot high plants provide ample testimony to his techniques.....

Publisher: Red Eye Press
Author: Mel Frank, Aidan Kelly, Oliver Williams
Edition: Paperback
Language: English
ISBN: 0929349008
No. of Pages: 369
Prix: 39.15CHF 

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ID Article: ISBN: 0929349008