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H.E.M.P. von Paul Benheim

H.E.M.P. von Paul Benheim
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A Holistic Cookbook and nutritional reference book.
┬ Many recipes use Hemp as a food. Benheim is a leading expert on this topic. Much of it is also about raw and vegan food. Learn about the usefulness of Hemp and how it is one of the most productive and sustainable plants we could (and should) grow.

Release Date: 01 September 2003
Format: Paperback
Pages: 324
Publisher: Fusion Press
ISBN: 9781901250640
ISBN-10: 1901250644

Hemp seed has been a nutritional staple for millennia. It is neither psychoactive nor illegal. As public interest in eating organic and naturally derived food increases, the demand for hemp information grows. Paul Benhaim introduces hemp as the social, environmental, political and nutritional ingredient for the 21st century. Benhaim covers the history and future of hemp and explores its connection to Naturecure, Permaculture, holistic and spiritual nutrition. H.E.M.P. also contains over 100 delicious recipes.
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ID Article: ISBN-10: 1901250644




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