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Cannabis for Lunch

Cannabis for Lunch
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Experience the enchanting world of cannabis cookery. This informed cookbook of Eric┤s tried and tested recipes will show you how to get the best from this glorious plant in all its forms. From grass and resin to shade leaves, Eric┤s inventive and original recipes combine the recreational and therapeutic uses of cannabis with delicious food and beneficial preparations.

Basic preparations and measurements for safe and beneficial use Information on healing, poultices, tinctures and ointments Dozens of recipes from snacks to meals and deserts Potted history and ancient preparations all peppered with friendly advice in Eric┤s truly original style

* Oven Temperature
* A guide to usage
* Healing with Cannabis
* History at the table
* Basic preparations
* Useful guides
* From the garden
* To the kitchen!
* Seed stuff
* Ancient preparations
* Something for lunch
* Afternoon tea
* Sweet shop dreams
* Back after lunch
* Tinctures, poultices & ointments
* Further reading
* Campaigning together

Cannabis for Lunch - Reviews
"This is a responsible and practical guide for people using cannabis without having to smoke. I fully recommend Cannabis for Lunch. It┤s an excellent and very welcome book."
Clare Hodges: ACT (Alliance for Cannabis Therapeutics)
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